wake my sweet

from by The Strange

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“At multiple points in Christopher’s life
the youthful dreamer inside of him screamed out
in rejection of his mundane, existence.
Could he change?
Could he really change things?
As the days, weeks, months, years passed,
Christopher's ability to cope with his lifeless existence
began to chip away at the core of his spirit and being...
The more he suppressed his feelings,
the stronger the grip of madness
began to take hold of his mind,
until eventually…. he snapped!
Christopher's mind shattered into six blended personalities.
Those spirits began to tug and pull at his psyche
in their attempt to influence his decisions and life direction
And with that introduction, we now begin our tale,
I welcome you to the Carousel!”

Insert key and unlock the memory of your haunted dreams
from the terror you’ve repressed for so long which
you’ll describe in great detail.

Close your eyes, hear my voice count backward.
Hypnotizing you 5, 4, 3…

Wake my sweet, now you are free.
No longer prisoner of a broken wing…yours beats.

You were scared like a dying man alone
But now you’ll you choose because you recognize there are choices
You’ll be free, with the world at your feet
Now sleep…

Wake my sweet, now you are free.
No longer prisoner of a broken heart… yours beats

She said take all of your horrors and write them down
Explain them on every line, of every page
When your done take that story and light it on fire, (I am free) let it go
And he wrote down years and years
of held in pain and sadness that was holding him back
In the commencement of fire, the pages turned from flame to ash,
He could finally say goodbye to that nasty past”

Wake my sweet, now you are free.
No longer prisoner of a broken heart…
yours beats, yours beats, you’re free


from Voices of the Carousel, released January 1, 2017
Brent McKay - Vocals
Violin - Janet Lyu
Cello - Julia Knowles
Piano - Erik Nordin



all rights reserved


the strange Detroit, Michigan

Detroit based, The Strange, consist of Erik Nordin and Brent McKay. 'Voices of the Carousel' is the bands fourth full length album. This concept record features 17 songs and leads the audience along a fictional journey inspired by the bands former engineer and producer Chris Hughes. 'Voices' is currently being adapted into a three act (dark comedy) musical by the Detroit Actor Theatre Company. ... more

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